In 1972, Lafayette Briggs arrived back at his hometown worn out from life on the road. As a respected men's clothing rep, Lafayette knew he could bring to Clarksville what it had been missing— a reputable men's clothing store built upon values of quality, excellence, and service. And so he did. 

After his passing in the 90's, Lafayette's son, Ernie Briggs, continued what was his father's vision and led Briggs Clothiers under the philosophy that our family is your family. Mr. Ernie runs his store with the same amount of attention to his business and customers today as when he began. As a true clothier, you won't find anyone more reliable than he in craft or character. 

Our business is a family business. Tommy, Ernie's Uncle, has been with us since the store's opening and has seen us through the business's many seasons of life. Brandon, Ernie's Son-in-law, joined our staff four years ago. Growing up around fabric since his father works as an upholsterer, the transition into clothing has been a custom fit for our store. 

Yes, we are a business. But at the end of each work day, we are simply just a family. We eat together. We pray together. And we are sewn together. We all just happen to work together. 

As it is with our family,  it is also so with you. We are indeed about fashion and quality but we realized long ago these characteristics are not eternal. We’re more interested in building relationships that last for a lifetime. We’re here to show you the proper wear of your first tuxedo on the evening of your senior prom. And then we’re here to show it to you once again on the day of your wedding. We’ll celebrate life’s many blessings and good days with you. And then we’ll offer you our ear and handkerchief on the not-so-good ones. We hope to be there through it all.

We invite you to come in, take off your hat and coat and make yourself home at Briggs—where our family is your family.


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 Hart Schaffner & Mark Blue Bone Worsted Wool Suit ( made in USA )--Hardwick Worsted Wool Suits  (made in Tennessee)



1. knowledge & experience

We've spent over 45 years fitting, cutting, and styling cloth. We strive to grow and develop our trade while always remaining true to the proper wear of men's attire. We pride ourselves on fit and taste and will always take extra effort to suit your needs.    

2. customer service & our guarantee

We've always said that good service is good business. Of course our goal is that when you leave Briggs you feel confident in what you're wearing. But more importantly we hope you feel like a part of our family and certain to be a lifelong customer.

3. measuring & fitting 

We dedicate ourselves to quality and precision. We know that every man is different. Your size, posture, figure, and the shape of your body all change the way your clothes fit.  Every customer who walks through our door will be encouraged to allow us to record his measurements to ensure proper fit. This process is the cornerstone of a true clothier and will ease your experience. All tailoring is done instore by us.

4. styling & selection

Suits, sportcoats, dress shirts, sportswear, ties, shoes, and all the accessories. More than likely we have the perfect addition for your wardrobe.

5. weddings, proms, & consultations

Weddings, prom, interviews, derbies, CMA's, black-tie affair... our portfolio is continuously being added to. Are you considering Briggs for a wedding or special event? One-on-one styling or wardrobe makeover?  Click below to find out more from us. 


The MTM suit is a custom fabric box that contains over 300 samples which allows you to design the details of your suit, sportscoat, waistcoat or trousers. You visit the store, but instead of taking an off the rack suit of your choice away that day, we take your detailed measurements and your select choices in cloth and style, and have our partners from Hart Schaffner & Marx or S. Cohen make you your own suit. The final result after a few weeks’ wait is a suit that is cut to all of your personal dimensions and select choices of patterns, lining, stitching, pockets, and buttons. The chest, waist, sleeve length, and style are all yours. Made to Order shirts are available through our private label featuring 99 different sizes. 

Click below to request more information on our made to measure program.

 Four seasonal wool sportcoats from Hardwick  (made in Tennessee)



suits & sportscoats

Understandably, the most common question that comes into play when purchasing a suit is cost. Although the fit is always our first concern, we do understand that most gentlemen have a budget. Our suits are marked anywhere from $299-$1499.

  • All sizes available

slacks & pants

Wool, blends, cotton, and denim. We all put our pants on the same way but each have our own preferences for different occasions. We carry a wide variety of fabrics and styles to accommodate your choice of fit.

  • Stock Sizes: 28-60 waist


dress shirts

Tailored fit, standard, or big and tall? We carry all of these in the basics and patterns with a range of collar styles to choose from.

  • Stock Sizes and Styles of slim, tailored, standard, and big & tall.


You never truly know someone until you've walked in their shoes. The invitation is open if you'd like to walk in ours.

  • Stock Sizes: 8-15 M or W



We accommodate all life styles for your clothing needs. That includes business casual for Mondays to adventuring on Saturdays.

Neckwear & accessories

As long as you don't over-do-it, this could be the missing piece that brings your outfit together. A mannered yet modern expression will always work in your favor.




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Saturday 9am-5pm
Sundays Closed


1990 Madison St.
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