The Suits of MLK: The Beauty of Black & White

Thumb through...

the photographs of history and you’ll find that Dr. Martin Luther King is frequently pictured wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt. 

Why is this? 

Some may say that color option for suits were limited during the 1950 and ’60’s—not true. Others might say that because he was a Baptist minister this is all he knew to wear—also, not true. Dr. King was a man not only of class, but also of style and detail. With every decision made he knew what he was doing, how he was going to do it, and why he was doing it. Simply put, he was a man of intentionality, purpose, and character. 

Maybe, just maybe, Dr. King saw the beauty in black and white. Maybe he understood the power of contrast and how they work together rather than against. And, maybe his belief in racial equality spread into all areas of his life— including his wardrobe.

Maybe, just maybe.