You’ll Freeze Out There: Why Men “Forget” Their Coats

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I hate to say it but in the past I was stubborn about wearing a coat. No matter how cold the weather or how many times my mother reminded me, I always seemed to “forget” it. Twenty years later, the same forgetfulness I had with my mom has a tendency to occur with my wife. Sorry, dear.

Boys who don’t wear coats become men who don’t wear coats.

The average temperature in our city this week was 23 degrees. Only a few of the men who came into Briggs were wearing an appropriate coat to protect them from the frigid air.

What is it about guys and coats? Are we really that forgetful or does it go a little deeper? Our thoughts may include:

“A coat makes me look fat.”

Actually, it makes you look warm. What makes you appear larger is the outer layer you’ve chosen. You should never wear a puffer jacket over a blazer or suit. Save The North Face for the slopes.

“I don’t get cold.”

Yes you do! Science proves you’re not a grizzly bear. You don’t have a layer of fur and you don’t get to hibernate. What you do have is a case of male stubbornness. Mama knew this was the real reason you refused to wear your coat.

“This won’t match my outfit.”

I don’t mind this excuse. I can work with a guy who is concerned about his attire. Here’s a tip: keep your heavy outer layer simple. Stick to a solid such as black, gray, or navy. A dark gray wool overcoat is a versatile option.

“Coats are too expensive…and I hate shopping.”

Some coats are expensive. The price they carry should match their quality and craftsmanship. Some coats are cheap for the opposite reason —keep in mind you don’t have to break the bank to find a good winter coat. There are sales where you can find a deal for $100-250. Befriend a men’s stylist with whom you can discuss budget and style. A reputable men’s clothing store will make this a painless experience. You might even find you enjoy shopping when you are served by a clothier who takes time to understand your particular needs.

This week at Briggs Clothiers, we’re putting all of our winter coats on sale for $99. If you come in without your coat on, we’ll have just what you need — and it’ll make mama happy, too.

How cold does it have to be for you to not forget your coat?